Chemrez Technologies, Inc.

Chemrez Technologies Inc. is a leading manufacturer of resins, oleochemicals, and specialty products with an excellent reputation in the Philippines and Asia. The Company is part of D&L Industries, a dynamic industrial group founded in 1963. Through the years, the Company evolved from a trader of chemicals into a diversified manufacturer with rapid product development capabilities.

Since its humble beginning, Chemrez has been a loyal tenant of LBL Industries. Despite the exponential growth of CTI and its business lines, LBL has been able to respond to its needs for land and expansion.

We were able to accommodate CTI’s biodiesel plant in 2004, which was inaugurated by President Arroyo in 2006. LBL has always supported the growth of CTI and both share the same advocacy for green chemistry. LBL maintains its commitment to satisfy CTI’s further expansions in the field of oleochemicals for the foreseeable future.


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