Land Development

To keep pace with the Philippine’s fast developing economic climate, LBL Industries is continually exploring new properties and establishing footholds in strategic locations. We quickly identify potential and devise and plan how we can best develop properties to suit our clients’ needs.

Land development is daunting, as it involves an unforeseen amount of variables and requires excellent intuition and foresight. But by employing our best practices, we can identify the best approach in every situation and expedite processes through our well-established connections.

Available land for development:
Bauan, Batangas – 640, 000 sq. m.
Carmelray Industrial Park – 23,000 sq. m.
Light Industry & Science Park (LISP) – 8, 105 sq. m., 10, 889 sq. m.
Mactan, Cebu – 70,000 sq. m., 6,000 sq. m.
San Pedro, Laguna – 30,000 sq. m.

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